West London Holistic Massage Therapies

Effleurage - Relaxing effect on the skin

Benefits of Effleurage:
*helps reduce non medical oedema
*induces relaxation
*relieves tension
*increases lymphatic and blood circulation.

Petrissage - Includes rolling, lifting & kneading of the skin. Movement helps
promote skin tone and relieve muscular fatigue.

Benefits of Petrissage
*promotes relaxation
*helps soften and mobilize fat
*breaks down tight nodules in the muscles.

Tapotement movements beating, clapping / cupping, hacking

Improves muscle tone
*helps reduce obesity
*stimulates the sensory nerve endings.

Vibrations Fine trembling movements performed with one or both hands
finger tips.

Benefits of Vibrations
*increase the action of the lungs
*soothing irritated nerves
*stimulating circulation
*relieves tension in the neck and long muscles of the back.
Benefits Of Aromatherapy

*pain relief
*stress and anxiety control
*relaxation of tired and stressed muscles
*combating negative feelings
*general physical & mental revitalisation .
Holistic Massage

Holistic massage Treatment manipulates the soft tissues of the body producing heat and
stimulating the vascular and nervous system.Different massage techniques are used which

Aromatherapy is a relaxing holistic massage therapy using essential oils produced by
plants and trees using different relaxing massage techniques.Essential oils enter the body
via four basic routes the skin,the lungs,the olfactory system and the digestive system.
Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a service  performed with client seated, different  pressure &
rhythms are used on the upper part of the body ,shoulders ,upper arms,neck and head
using the hands. It helps relieve stress and tension and creates a feeling of well-being.
Client does not need to undress and can be performed at workplaces.

Oils may be used to condition the skin of the scalp also helps to induce relaxation.
Benefits Of Indian Head Massage

*relaxes the muscle of the head, neck and shoulders
*Improves the condition of the scalp and hair when used with oil
*relaxes and soothes tense eye muscles.
*helps reduce stress.
Benefits of Hot stone therapy

*improves blood circulation
*muscle relaxation
*helps treat conditions such as arthritis
*calming and soothing
*relieves pain

Health Benefits for people with

*sleep problems
*poor circulation
*musculoskeletal problems
Hot stone / Cold stone therapy.

Hot stone Is a massage therapy that uses warm  basalt stones heated on a professional

Stone are used as massage tools instead of the hands.

Stone therapy is a blend of heat massage and stone placement .It is said that one stone is
equivalent to 5-10 manual massage strokes.

Cold stones are used to provide balance during a hot stone therapy service.Sometimes
cold stones are used with warm stones to reduce inflammation and to stimulate the
How The Treatment Is Performed

It is done with the client lying fully dressed on their side.
One end of the candle is lit and the other placed in the ear.The impurities drawn off will be vaporised through the chimney of the candle and
is dispersed to the air but some will remain in the condensed candle.A fire crackling sound may be heard and some gentle popping
sound.Each candle is fitted with a filter.When the candle burns it creates a very a mild suction action at the base which helps to loosen ear

Benefits of ear candling

*relieving tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
*relaxing &soothing effect on the mind and body after an ear candling session.
*sinus problems

Contraindications Against The Use Of The Candles

*if the ear drum is perforated
*if a grommet , or other drainage device ,is in place in the ear drum or hearing aid.
*if sever dental work ,such as root canal fillings or removal of wisdom teeth
*if a mastoidectomy operation has taken place
Hopi Ear Candling

Ear candling is a natural therapy originated from Native American  .Hopi Tribe of North
Arizona.(hopi means Peaceful People)

Hopi candles are hollow tubes made of cotton,soaked in  pure bees wax honey & herbs.